Solido Models
none for sale right now but
 I do have some to sell in the future
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1/43 Scale Aurora Cigar Box
& Speedline
Corgi Dealer Promo Models
Husky Slot Cars Solido Tomica
Very rare Solido
Store Display
with 24 boxed models

2nd Display
    This is a second store display, almost as nice as the one with 24 cars
1975 Catalog
these 7 pages and and 17 more
Alfa Romeo
No. 183
Alfa Romeo 33/3
No. 187
Alpine A 310
No. 192
Alpine Rallye 1600
No. 181
Alpine Renault
No. 20
Alpine Turbo
No. 57
Porsche 928
No. 49
Porsche 928
No. 49
Porsche 911
No. 63
Porsche 911
No. 63
Porsche 917/10
No. 18b
Porsche 917 Martini
No. 186m
Ferrari BB
No. 44
Ford GT LeMans
No. 146
Lancia Beta
No. 52
Liger JS3  Le Mans
No. 195
Lola T70
No. 175
Maserati Indy
No. 185
BMW 2002 Turbo
No. 28
Citroen GS
No. 193
BMW 3000 CSL
No. 75
Ferrari 312 PB
No. 194
Ferrari Daytona No. 16 Ferrari 512
No. 197

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