August 2017
Catalog #314
 Now in the 27th year of monthly catalogs!
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July 1991
July 2017

Celebrating the beginning of my 27th year of monthly catalog and website,
here's to you!


Welcome to the Toy Car Collector's site of collectible vintage toy cars.  My name is David Williamson and I share your love for Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys and any other toys made in the 1960's to the late 1970's.  I have been a collector since I was eight years old back in 1966

To see all the toy cars I have for sale right now you can choose from the menu titles to go to the name brands that you are interested in.  Once you find something you want just pick up the phone and call, TEXT or email to place your order and pay with Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card or Money Order

Yes I Buy most Toy Cars as long as they are in very nice condition, always paying fair prices for quality Redline Hot Wheels, Lesney Matchbox, Topper Johnny Lightings and more.  For example most recently  I purchased 150 Matchbox from the late 1950's that were still new in their original boxes and 60 Hot Wheels in original blister packages from 1968 to 1971.  Also for those collections that I do not buy I have now enlisted collector friends to review and possibly buy those collections. 

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What's  today at Toy Car Collector

8/16 added 9 more models to the Original 16 Redlines
8/15 added 9 models to the Original 16 Redlines
8/9 added 15 models to the Matchbox selections
8/8 added another 12 models to the 1971 selections
8/7 added a beautiful Mint in Box Corgi James Bond 007
8/5 added another 12 models to the 1971 selections
8/4 added 12 models to the 1971 selections
7/31 added 12 Hot Wheels 1969 Gran Prix cars in Package
7/26 added 15 more Topper Johnny Lightnings and
5 1968 Custom VW's and 4 Matchbox
7/25 added 12 Topper Johnny Lightnings in Package
7/23 added 9 Redline Blisters and there are many more coming
7/21 added 11 Redline Blisters and there are many more coming
7/19 added another 12 or so models to the
Matchbox 61 to 75 selections
7/18 just starting to add Matchbox "A" series models in all different conditions from fair to mint in 60 year old boxes
7/11 added 21 Redline Blister Packs to the 1970 selections
7/8 added 18 Matchbox Superfast
7/7 added 6 Nitty Gritty Kittys
7/6 added 6 Light My Firebirds
7/4 21 Matchbox Superfast
7/1 celebrating the beginning of 27 years with 27 new listings
6/29 added 12 models to the 1970 Redlines
6/26 Added 1970 Mantis and Mod Quads
6/25 all 10 Skyshow Fleetsides are now listed individually, were listed as a collection
6/24 added 5 Demons and 4 Fire Cheif Cruisers
6/22 added 9 Classic Nomads
6/19 added 12 Matchbox King Size all Mint in Box
6/17 added 4 Custom Continantals and 5 Grand Prix BPs
6/16 added 6 Classic '57 Birds and 3 Custom AMX
6/15 added 9 Classic '32 Ford Vickys
6/14 added 9 more Redlines
6/13 added 12 more Redlines
6/12 added 12 Redlines
6/11 added 12 Redline Gran Prixs in Blister Packs
6/10 added 11 variety models
6/9 added 15 Redlines and Other Models
6/8 added 15 Redlines
6/7 added 15 super nice Superfast Matchbox
6/3 added 12 super nice Redline Hot Wheels
6/2 added 12 matchbox early 60's models
6/1 added 12 Redline Hot Wheels
5/30 added 6 more Redlines in Blister Packs
5/25 added 6 Redlines in Blister Packs
5/24 added 6 Matchbox Models and 9 Redline Hot Wheels
5/23 added 9 Matchbox Models and 6 Redline Hot Wheels
5/22 added 6 Mint in Box Matchbox Models and 6 Redline Hot Wheels
5/19 added 9 more Mint in Box Matchbox Models

I'm having fun added Matchbox from my large inventory of mint in the box untouched 1960's Matchbox, I will get back to Redline Hot Wheels soon
5/17 added 12 more Mint in Box Matchbox Models
5/16 added 12 Mint in Box Matchbox Models
5/13 added 6 Blister Pack 1970 Peeping Bomb
5/11 added 9 Blister Pack 1970 Mantis

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